Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Endorsements/Events - Snowy White World to Save

Snowy White World to Save enjoys 2 very proud endorsements:

From the lovely and amazing Sharon Stone, actress, activist, and the equally lovely and amazing Wendy Abrams, environmental activist, Chicago. I am floored and honored and inspired anew - in our global quest to spread green awareness to the next generation, our children. Together strong!

•Sharon Stone, Actress, Activist:

"Snowy White World to Save cleverly introduces young children to environmental awareness and global warming by making them aware of what is happening to our planet, and what they can do to help save it. Ms. Tara provides a wonderful resource guide at the back of the book that encourages young readers to further educate themselves on the subjects so they, too, with their parents, will become global citizens."

•Wendy Abrams, Environmental Activist, Chicago, IL:

"Stephanie Lisa Tara presents a wonderful way to teach our children about caring for the earth, and the implications for all living creatures. Global warming is an ever-growing threat to all of us, and Snowy White World to Save invites kids to learn more about what they can do to help by visiting web sites provided at the back of the book."


The Chicago Field Museum further honors Alex Walton and myself on August 18, 2007:
An afternoon of reading, entertaining and teaching kids about global warming, what we can do - small and big people, as well as an introduction to the arctic world and its inhabitants! Come out and join us.

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