Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Snowy White World to Save!

It’s a headline we all have seen: Global Warming is melting the Arctic.

Once the Arctic sea ice is gone, it will take along with it the majestic polar bear — magnificent creatures of strength, courage and might, who need the sea ice for survival. The ice is home, it is where their primary food source lives, the ringed seal. Polar bears feed, mate, travel, den and give birth on the ice. Scientists say the polar bears will be extinct within 100 years if something isn't done, and soon.

"across the land
of the midnight sun
the ice is melting…
oh, what can be done?"

(well, lots can be done... and the "Learning Page to Help the Bears" will show kids and their parents exactly what we can all do to help)

Snowy White World to Save, is my fourth picture book, written in lyrical verse.... following Gwynne, Fair & Shining, “delightful verse that stands out from the crowd”, (Alan Caruba, Book Views), Little Library Mouse, “stimulate your child’s imagination”, (Shirley Labusier, Book Talk), and I’ll Follow The Moon, “gorgeous watercolors chronicle the journey of a baby sea turtle”, (Kirkus Reviews).

On sale soon, with glorious watercolor paintings by the inimitable Alex Walton,

*Be sure to click on the pages below for full impact!

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